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                                       HY-TEK's Meet Manager 2/16/2019 11:45 AM
          NEW ENGLAND ALLIANCE - MASCAC & LEC Div.3 NCAA - 2/16/2019           
                      Track & Field Indoor Championships                       
                   ALLWell North, Plymouth State University                    
                                 Meet Program                                  
Event 12  Women Shot Put (21)
 Three (3) puts in Prelims + Three (3)  puts in Final
 Top nine (9) athletes to the final from all Div.
 Two (2) circles will be used (M & W)
 Max. 15 min warm-up between flights and final
 Davis Track:  14.40m  12/8/2018   Ashley Elder, SNHU                          
    Alliance:  15.13m  2016        Naloti Palma-Kaluma, Westfield State        
      MASCAC:  15.13m  2016        Naloti Palma-Kaluma, Westfield State        
         LEC:  12.85m  2015        Elizabeth Bray, UMass Dartmouth
 Meet Qualifying:  8.85m
     Name                        Year School            Seed Mark           
Flight 1  Finals
  1  Garvey, Ashley                SO MAS-Bridgewater       9.87m        
  2  Farley, Georgrinna            FR LEC-RIC               9.80m        
  3  Bisaillon, Taylor             JR LEC-Keene State      10.61m        
  4  Foster, Jamelah               SO MAS-Bridgewater      10.40m        
  5  Martin, Juliana               SO MAS-Bridgewater       9.90m        
  6  Slowinski, Kristin            FR LEC-Umass Dartmo      9.91m        
  7  Gervais, Arriannah            FR LEC-Umass Boston      9.49m        
  8  Murzin, Naomi                 SO LEC-Keene State       9.86m        
  9  Dewar, Molly                  JR MAS-Bridgewater      10.17m        
 10  Silvia, Mary                  SO LEC-Umass Dartmo     10.26m        
Flight 2  Finals
  1  Young, Brianna                JR MAS-Fitchburg St     10.98m        
  2  Yusuff, Funmibi               JR LEC-RIC              11.46m        
  3  Hale, Natalie                 JR MAS-Westfield St     10.82m        
  4  Comeau, Samantha              SO LEC-Southern Mai     11.21m        
  5  Gilbreath, Kira               SR MAS-Bridgewater      12.87m        
  6  Garvey, MacKenzie             JR LEC-Umass Dartmo     11.82m        
  7  Gilderdale, Lauren            JR MAS-Westfield St     12.80m        
  8  Watson, Nala                  JR MAS-Westfield St     10.87m        
  9  Parks, Shannon                FR LEC-Keene State      11.61m        
 10  Boudreau, Paige               FR LEC-Plymouth Sta     10.66m        
 11  Enany, Manar                  FR LEC-Eastern Conn     10.78m