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  • Main IPICO Elite Chip Time Reader and Backup IPICO Elite Chip Time Reader - instant athlete identification using RFID (Dual Frequency) technology in combination with
  • Finish Lynx Timing Camera and Backup Timing Camera with 1/1000 sec. accuracy for visual record (photographic evidence) of every athlete place determination in combination with
  • Identilynx (Front View) Finish Line Camera – Digital full frame head-on video (time- synchronized with Finish Lynx camera) for easy every athlete number and team affiliation identification and finish line You Tube video posting
  • IPICO Elite or Lite Readers for splits times or chip timing backup with portable battery backup
  • Choice of Re-usable, Disposable Chips or Multisport chips, straps and chip collecting/sorting setup at the Finish Line (if needed)
  • Manual Timing with TimeMachine TX Flying Fleet and Barcode Scanner and Seico Printer Stopwatch for Manual Backup Timing
  • Race Director Database software for Road Races, Bicycling, Cross-Country Running Meets, Biathlons, Triathlons and Cross Country Ski Races.
  • Hy-Tek Track Meet Manager Software for Track & Field Meets


  • 60 inch LCD TV in outdoor enclosure for results display
  • MicroGraph (LED) and Dactronics wireless displayboards
  • Printed and Online Accurate Unofficial Live Results availability during the race/meet (Verizon or AT&T Wireless Service Required)
  • Results Board for Hard Copy Results Posting
  • Web Site Official Results Posting within minutes after the race/meet
  • Mobile Live Results
  • QR Codes/Individual ID Labels (link to personal results)
  • NCAA (required by Rule 8.6.2b) & NFHS (recommended - 2016) Finish Camera Place Verification for all finishers with a one-tenth second or less differential.


  • Trailer to House Timing Equipment with 360 Degree View
  • Wireless Scoreboard at Finish Line
  • Finish Line Inflatable Arch 22 feet wide, 12 feet tall or
  • Two Finish Signs 12 ft High
  • Two Start Signs 12 ft High
  • Safe Finish Line Chute Setup (16 feet wide) for pavement or grass
  • Power Line Protectors and Extension Cords
  • Traffic Cones and Stop Signs
  • EZ-UP Tents
  • Uninterrupted Battery Power Supply Units for all Cameras and Computer/Timing Equipment
  • Two Generators for Power Backup
  • Announcer Wireless Audio/Speaker Amplifier and hand held portable Amplifier
  • Wireless Start Sensor with 1/1000 sec. accuracy with Starting Gun / Air Horn / Bell
  • Commercial grade walkie-talkie communication system


  • 8 Handheld Computers for Field Event Results Input
  • Automatic Wind Gauge for required track events, and required jumping events
  • Wireless Network/Router for Field Event Results Transmission
  • Certified Officials Staff
  • Live Cross-Country Individual Results and Team Scores (Overall, Age Groups, by Gender, by Team) printed within 60 sec. after the last competitor finish
  • Complete School Cross-Country Running Meet Administration (Team envelops, Rosters, Bibs and Chips, Wire Ties, Meet Instructions)
  • Design Consulting for Track & Field Facility and Cross-Country Course


  • Electronic Start Wand (Gate) for individual interval start with wireless connection and racer's bib input
  • Start display clock w/audio for individual interval start
  • Microgate REI2 Timer
  • Electronic Finish Photoeye for individual finish

Please visit our Vermont HS Track & Field and Vermont HS Cross-Country Running pages for results and history of races and meets we timed.

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